Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Baby Words

"Appy bai,appy bai"....were the first new words i heard from my lil one.Im so excited to hear these. I have been teaching him to say boy but where did the "appy" come from? It was THE best way to start my morning. These days he has been imitating a lot.

Just the other day Pras was playing "Anbil avan" song from VTV. This version of the song had no actual video just the movie poster.Next thing, we see is Shanky tugging on Pras's sleeve and showing him "Kiss" and asking him to play that song.Not understanding what he was saying, we played a petting zoo song with a monkey kissing the camera."Naaaaaaaaa" he screamed.After trying a couple of his other regular songs, we played "Anbil Avan" the original song, he started to clap and kiss and point out to the about boys being boys.....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Read With Me

Hi book lovers, I would love people to read this book with me. Once you finish the book, lets have a discussion about the book. Anyone up for it? Do put your name in the comments and lets get going.

Read With Me

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Books you are reading.

I was reading a book about book on a spur wanted to start one of my own.Wanted to know what other bookworms are reading? What books would you suggest for future reading?

Talk about what you like about a book you are reading / read in the past, your fave authors.

I just finished
1. "Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons" by LORNA LANDVIK
Its about Five women who live in Freesia Court who start a book-club sharing desserts, laughter and their lives. It has the very essence of friendship, sisterhood who despite the secrets in lives,share ever moment as neighbours.
My Opinion of the Book: Enjoyed everybit of it. A definite read for fun.

2. "Family Tree" by CAROLE CADWALLADR
Rebecca Monroe is terrified of turning into her mother. On the day Lady Diana married Prince Charles, Rebecca’s mother locked herself in the bathroom of 24 Beech Drive and never came out. Was it because the holiday dinner didn’t turn out just right? Because Rebecca’s grandmother married her first cousin? Or was she simply, unalterably unhappy? According to Rebecca’s scientist husband, our genes control our fate, but Rebecca isn’t so sure. Leaving everything to science allows little room for the events that shape our lives. Looking for clues in a family history filled with three generations of mistaken marriages, dubiously fathered children, and hand-me-down sayings, Rebecca discovers she is just one piece of a family history that is still unraveling—and she wonders if events of the past are destined to repeat themselves in her own child’s future. The intertwining relationships of mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, and husbands and wives go to the heart of The Family Tree as it transcends the story of one woman and her family to become an indelible and resonant novel in which author Carole Cadwalladr ponders what truly makes us who we are.

My Opinion of the Book: Very slow moving for the first couple of chapters. The Genetics part description of the older Rebecca was kinda interesting.On the whole the book was an OK read.

Friday, February 5, 2010


When I look back at the four years,
Spent together with heartwarming freshness--
Chatting away for hours;
Laughing at all silly jokes;
Playing the innumerable pranks;
Finally getting punished for all this;
Fighting, for god knows what;
Making up peace at our own pace;
The coffees and pasteries we savoured;
The times our bikes got TIGER-ed;
The everyday joys and sorrows shared;
All these days have helped me
To understand all the wonderful people;
FRIENDS who are for life.


I know its that time of the year --
When I have to walk along a seperate path.
When I have realised your preciousness.
When I want to spend more time with U,
But have very little left.
When I want to clutch every second you are with me.
When I want again all the time
We shared our laughters and tears.
When I want to depend more on you.
When I want to fight again with you for silly stuffs.
When I want to play more pranks on you.
When I want to crack silly jokes at you.
But our togetherness time is up.
I have to move to another world,
For a new set of people
And start a new, big and matured life.