Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Baby Words

"Appy bai,appy bai"....were the first new words i heard from my lil one.Im so excited to hear these. I have been teaching him to say boy but where did the "appy" come from? It was THE best way to start my morning. These days he has been imitating a lot.

Just the other day Pras was playing "Anbil avan" song from VTV. This version of the song had no actual video just the movie poster.Next thing, we see is Shanky tugging on Pras's sleeve and showing him "Kiss" and asking him to play that song.Not understanding what he was saying, we played a petting zoo song with a monkey kissing the camera."Naaaaaaaaa" he screamed.After trying a couple of his other regular songs, we played "Anbil Avan" the original song, he started to clap and kiss and point out to the about boys being boys.....

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